Inside Delaware's first totally autonomous marketplace

  • Dec 29, 2023
  • By Frank Lucas
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You won't find cash registers or self-checkouts at Nourish Market on Continental Drive in the Christiana. There are no employees there as well.


Instead, customers will find healthy food options just a grab, scan and go away. The receipt comes later through the app or a credit card.


According to cofounder Sophia Macauley, she wanted others to experience the benefits of a healthier diet which she said has helped her deal with an autoimmune disease that she was diagnosed with at age seven.


“We believe that everyone should have access to healthy, convenient, and affordable foods, regardless of dietary restrictions. We are committed to making this a reality with our innovative retail concept and technology," she said.


Sophia and her husband Kevin Macauley assembled a team including a chef and technical assistants. The store is accessed by using an app or credit card to swipe through a gate. The customer takes what they want, scans it and leaves. If they put an item back, it comes off the bill.


The same technology also notifies the team when it's time to replace items.


"We're hoping to put these in convenient locations where there's high foot traffic where people can just walk in and out and not have to wait in a line, also giving them access to healthier, better quality products," Kevin Macauley said. 


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