Our Story

We found ourselves always having to pack our own meals, snacks, and drinks whenever we went out. We had all the accessibility at home to our favorite brands but not at work or while traveling. Every cafeteria, airport, or convenience store we saw was filled with absolute junk; contributing to the health epidemic we face today. The “healthy” options, that are often advertised, are still highly processed, sugary, and are restricting people from functioning optimally. Sophia’s journey with an autoimmune disease opened her eyes to holistic health, making it her passion to help bring others to the space. She works passionately in the functional medicine sector. As a retired State Trooper on SWAT, Kevin values the importance of staying fit and healthy.


Our Mission

We’re on a mission to make healthy foods convenient and more affordable for everyone. By leveragingthe most innovative technology in retail, we are able to provide services that bring healthy products to more locations than ever before. —Sophia & Kevin, Co-Founders of Nourish Markets