Chicken Caesar Wrap


Farmer's Focus chicken breast (VA), crisp Highland Orchards romaine (DE), Organic Valley Parmesan (WI), and Mother Raw Caesar dressing in a Stacey's Organic tortilla.


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*Chicken breast, *romaine lettuce, *shredded parmesan, *flour tortilla wrap (*unbleached white flour, water, *sunflower oil, baking powder, salt, citric acid), *extra-virgin olive oil, *garlic, *sea salt, *black pepper, *roasted garlic caesar dressing (*extra-virgin olive oil, filtered water, *lemon juice, *unfiltered apple cider vinegar, *hemp seeds, nutritional yeast, *garlic, *chia seeds, sea salt, *green banana flour, *black pepper.) *Organic. Contains: Milk, Wheat, Dressing May Contain Coconut.